Company Profile

Valley Associates Corporation is a leader in first response products and services represents the highest standard of excellence in strength, safety, and performance. We are here to provide you with the best products the world has to offer.

Recently, we have separated into four individual companies, including the flagship company Valley Associates Corporation, in addition to Valley Associates Integrated Solutions Company, Valley Associates Energetic Materials Company, and Valley Associates Global Security Company.  Together all four companies work together to provide reliable solutions to our customer base, under the banner Valley Associates Corporation.  Since it's founding in 1993, Valley Associates Corporation, has been providing quality products and services to the Military, Law Enforcement, and First Responders. 

The Valley Associates Corporation head office is in Orleans, Ontario and is 100 per cent Canadian-owned, with numerous branches in Canada and throughout the world.

Our family of innovative first response products effectively equip field personnel to meet, manage and control ballistic, bomb, fire rescue, and bio-chemical threats quickly, safely, and securely. Some of our superior products include: military explosives and initiation systems, commercial explosives, tactical entry devices, ballistic protection and innovative workshops.